Today I got the Twitch chat running using the rirc command-line IRC client.

Here are the steps so I remember next time I want to do this…

  1. Build rirc The generic instructions are on the rirc website. But I had some mac specific issues which are only solved in the dev branch as of this post. So, for me I needed to do the following:
    • Clone the dev branch of rirc from GitHub:
      git clone # The dev branch is currently the default branch
      cd rirc
    • Build:
    • I didn’t want to install it to the system, so I didn’t run make install.
  2. Connect to Twitch over IRC using rirc
    • Use this link to get an authentication token. Twitch IRC uses this instead of a password.
    • Assuming you are still in the directory where you built rirc, there should be an executable called rirc. Run the following command, replacing <authentication_token> with the token you got in the previous step, and <username> with your Twitch username:
      ./rirc -s -p 6697 -w <authentication_token> -n <username>

      If it’s working, you should see something like this:

      Twitch IRC in rirc

  3. Join your desired channel
    • IRC commands are prepended by a forward slash (/). IRC channels are prepended by a hash (#). So for example, to join the channel bandersaur, you would type the following IRC command:
      /join #bandersaur

      If it worked, you should see something like:

      Join Twitch Channel

      If it’s working you should now be able to send and receive messages!