I have recently reinstalled Raspbian on my Pi. The following is a record of the steps I followed to get everything how I like it. (I’m doing this mainly as a reminder for my future self, but you might find it interesting.)

  1. Install Raspbian using the NOOBS Setup Guide.
  2. Install Shairport using these instructions. (You have to scroll down a long way to get to the good bit! Also note that this site uses an abandoned fork, rather than the original repo. The fork still works, but you might consider using the original.)
  3. Install nginx using Ars Technica’s Web Served tutorial series.
  4. Set up the permissions for the website directory using a combination of the top answers from here and here.
  5. Clone personal website (this website) from Bitbucket into the directory prepared above.
  6. Harden server using these instructions.
  7. Install BTSync using these instructions.