I was recently messing around in the git repo for this website, and suddenly, I couldn’t add a certain folder. I would run git add <folder>, but git commit and git status both said that there was nothing to commit (working directory clean). I tried removing the directory and re-adding it. Didn’t work. I tried removing it from git with git rm. It said that 'folder/' did not match any files. Finally, I did git-ls, just to see what was actually in the git index. The directory name was there, but none of the enclosed files were listed. Next, I tried git rm --cache folder/. Still didn’t work. Finally, I tried git rm --cache folder. Notice the difference between this and the previous command? All I did was remove the / from the end of the folder name. This successfully removed the entry in the git index, and I was able to add the directory again, and everything worked.