I use a Mac, but occasionally I want to run Windows games. I usually try to use Wine if possible, because it means I don't have to reboot to run my games. The other day my friend told me about a cool sounding game on Steam, and suggested I play the demo. The catch? It was only released for Windows. I decided to try installing Steam for Windows in Wine, but every time I tried to run the installer, it gave me the following error message:

wine: Bad EXE format for Z: /path/to/SteamInstall.msi

At first I thought it was a problem with Wine, but after some research I found the following forum page, in which a helpful person called "schtufbox" gave instructions on how to execute .msi files in Wine.

Apparently (and this worked!) instead of typing

wine ./file.msi

you type

wine msiexec /i file.msi

I tried it and it worked! Yay!